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Molcar seminar, 13 June 2023, Warsaw, Poland

We're delighted to share the news of a recent significant progress meeting involving Norwegian partners from Sintef, Oslo, in the MOLCAR project - a cutting-edge scientific endeavor seeking to revolutionize Carbon Capture and Storage/Utilization (CCS) systems. The visit hosted by the Warsaw University of Technology was a productive opportunity to exchange insights and progress across several key work packages of the project.

The MOLCAR project is innovatively exploring the potential of molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFC) in CCS systems, with promising results. It aims to create a 10 kW-class system with an MCFC stack that can capture carbon in excess of 90%, resulting in approximately 30% additional power for coal-fired power in MCFC, and paving the way for substantial energy storage and supply flexibility.

During the visit, a series of open access seminars were held, led by the project’s principal investigator  Prof. Jaroslaw Milewski. These seminars covered an array of project work packages, where the progress was presented by their leaders. Dr. Wen Xing highlighted the development of a high-performance CO2 membrane for MCFC in Work Package 1, while Dr. Jakub Skibinski elaborated on advancements in developing and utilizing advanced numerical tools for CCS installations based on MCFC in Work Package 2. The Work Packages 3 and 4 progress, which focus on the development, construction, and industrial research of the CCS-MCFC installation, were presented by Aliaksandr Martsinchyk, MSc Eng.

In addition to the seminars, a visit was made to the headquarters of Fuel Cell Poland, a consortium member responsible for manufacturing aspects in the project. The project team, guided by Fuel Cell Poland's CEO Arkadiusz Sienko and Aliaksandr Martsinchyk, had a chance to observe the progress in MCFC stack manufacturing and the preparation of a prototype container-based installation. They also had the opportunity to study post-mortem cells from full-scale tests conducted during the project's preparation phase.

The MOLCAR project is now entering its final phase of prototype CCS installation with MCFC stack preparation. Stay tuned for exciting updates about real tests of this innovative installation that's set to revolutionize energy storage and carbon capture systems.