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History of the Division

History of the Division of Power Engineering

The history of the Division of Power Engineering (MiUE) dates back to 1951, when the Division of Thermal Turbines was established at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology under the supervision of prof. Aleksander Uklański, Water Engines and Pumps, led by prof. Mieczysław Arkuszewski and Steam Boilers and Machines. The last of them had no head for two years, and in 1957 it changed its name to the Steam Executioners' Department and was headed by prof. Piotr Orłowski. In 1961, these departments merged into one called the Department of Boilers, Turbines and Pumps, which included three plants of Steam Boilers, Thermal Turbines and Hydraulic machines, respectively. The new cadre was first headed by prof. Aleksander Uklański and later, until its liquidation, prof. Piotr Orłowski. The liquidation of the department was related to the change in the organizational structure of universities in Poland from cathedral to institute in 1971. The Department was then transformed into the Division of Power Engineering. The head of the Division was prof. Piotr Orłowski. After his retirement in 1974, the head of the department was taken over by prof. Marcela Baran. In 1980, the management of the department was taken over by prof. Andrzej Miller.

The year 1992 was important for the history of the plant. The statutory changes meant that the Nuclear Power Plants and Reactors and Energy Management plants ceased to exist for formal reasons, and the employees of these plants moved to theDivision of Power Engineering. From that moment on, the MiUE Department "inherited" the history of the liquidated plants, and this history dates back to the dark 1960s, the year of establishment of the MEiL Department. In the same year, the Department of Nuclear Energy was established with two departments: Radioactivity Measurements and Isotope Applications and Nuclear Power Plants and Reactors. The first of them was headed by prof. Paweł Nowacki, who also served as the head of the Department, and the second one was prof. Stanisław Andrzejewski. In 1963, the department was divided into two units: the Department of Power Plants and Energy Management and the Department of Nuclear Technology. The first one included two departments: Power Plants and Energy Management. Prof. Stanisław Andrzejewski headed the department and the Gym Department, and the management of the Energy Management Department was entrusted to prof. Czesław Meiro. Led by prof. The P. Nowacki Department of Nuclear Technology included the Department of Radioactivity Measurement and Isotope Applications (head: Prof. P. Nowacki) and the Department of Nuclear Reactors (head: vacat). In 1971, employees of these departments, already part of the Institute of Thermal Technology, opened the Department of Systems and Economy E, initially under the leadership of prof. St. Andrzejewski and from 1973 doc. Marian Kiełkiewicz. In 1976, the plant was divided into the Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Reactors (head - doc. M. Kiełkiewicz) and the Energy Management Department, headed by doc. Edward Radwański.

The MiUE Division experienced further organizational changes in 2000, when it was divided into two institute units - one with an unchanged name and the other - the Drive Pump and Power Plant.

Prof. Andrzej Miller served as the head of the Division until his retirement in 2010. He was replaced by Prof. Konrad Świrski. The plant brings together research workers involved in research on energy devices and systems, new energy technologies, IT systems, always also associated with industrial research and implementation. effects of research work in domestic and global industry.

Current head of the Division is prof. Jarosław Milewski, who is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Power Technologies