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Project partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund

The „TEWI  Information Platform” (Platforma Informatyczna TEWI), that received funding in the program Operational Project Innovative Economy, Priority II (Infrastructure R&D), Measure 2.3 (Investments in the development of science IT infrastructure), Sub-measures 2.3.1: (Projects for the development of science IT infrastructure)and 2.3.3: (Projects for the development of advanced applications and tele-information services), has been prepared and will be implemented within the consortium formed by three Universities of Technology: Lodz (the leader, Institute of Information Technology, Technical University Computer Centre, Urban LODMAN computer network), Warsaw (Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering) and Bialystok (Faculty of Computer Science).

Its realisation is planned for 2010-2013.

The TEWI platform includes 4 main areas of study: 
(T) Technology, 
(E) Education and research, 
(W) Wisdom, 
(I) Innovation.

TEWI platform in the technical sense is a trans-regional computer network with software allowing to design, build and manage the product’s life. It is intended to use the university WAN network between individual locations. The basic servers with software (and licenses) will be installed at the Technical University of Lodz and the use of applications will be available through the use of broadband Internet and encrypted tunnel connection (VPN) in each partner of the project. In each region (Lodz, Podlasie, Mazovia) the platform in the next stages of its development may include other scientific and industrial institutions.

Within infrastructure construction at the Warsaw University of Technology, the following will be launched:

  • local access centre, consisting of specialised compute servers with a firewall and a switch in a closet, located in the server room of the Institute of Heat Engineering;
  • two specialised research and design laboratories, located in didactic laboratories of the Institute of Heat Engineering, consisting of 15 computers each (including laptops), with strong configuration, which will serve end users for work with provided applications.

Provided applications will offer the following functionality:

  1. product lifecycle management (PLM) - PTC Windchill PDMLink and ProjectLink,
  2. visualisation of the product - Product View,
  3. computer design CAD - Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5.0 ,
  4. engineering calculations - MathCAD 15 and Prime 1.0,
  5. dynamic documentation design and publishing - Arbortext.

The application from the first position will run on servers in Lodz. Access to it will be provided through a Web browser. The other applications will be installed locally on the computers in the laboratories. 
In the course of the project, additional services and applications will be created. Their creators at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering will primarily be the staff of the Institute of Heat Engineering, who will subsequently use them for their research work and share on the TEWI platform with other interested scientists. Currently, applications are being created that will allow:

  • energy market simulation
  • integrated design of power machinery using PLM systems
  • integrated design and automatic design documentation

These applications will be installed at the university TEWI platform access centre in Warsaw and shared through a Web browser.

The total budget of the project is more than 13.5 million PLN, the budget of Warsaw University of Technology: 1.87 million PLN.

Project Office Warsaw University of Technology

Institute of Heat Engineering, WUT

Nowowiejska 21/25

00-665 Warsaw

room 412

Project Manager Warsaw University of Technology

Prof. dr hab. inż. Konrad Świrski

22 234 52 14