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Błogowska Karolina

Ph.D. – Division of Thermodynamics room 110, e-mail:Karolina.blogowska@pw.edu.pl  tel. 48 22 234 52 89

Functions within the Institute and WUT:

  • Senior lecturer on the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering
  • Secretary of the diploma examination board in the Institute of Heat Engineering

Key research areas:

  • Heat Transfer
  • Renewable Energy Sources

 Teaching courses:

  • Termodynamics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Renewable Energy Sources

 Topics of diploma projects:

  • 1.Implementation of PV-System in House Roof Top "
  • 2.Introductory project of heat pump installation in detached house"
  • 3.Technical and economical analysis of using energy storage for selected PV instalations

 Key publications:  

  • Bader P. Błogowska K. „Laboratorium termodynamiki” skrypt OWPW 2008, ISBN 987-83-7207-727-1
  • Błogowska K. „Wood as biomass: combustion and co–combustion with coal” “Renewable energy-Innovative Technologies and New Ideas” Materiały konferencyjne “SOLPOL2008” WPW 2008. ISBN 978-83-7207-783-7
  • Błaszczyk J, Błogowska K, Rajewski A. „Energy production from urban waste” Archives of Energetics, 2010.
  • Błogowska K. Hazard related to renewable Power Engineering. Prace Naukowe PW Konferencje, X Konferencja PBEC 2011, zeszyt 27, str 17-19

Participation in research projects:

  • PL0460 „Professional partnership between the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Iceland in the utilisation of renewable energy resources(RES): graduate education, practical training and renewable Energy research”. Project financed by EEA Grants, 2009-2011.

Didactic achievements:

  • 27 promoted diploma theses, including 6 in English