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Key research areas


  modeling and experiment in the field of basic heat transfer mechanisms

  • conduction
  • convection
  • radiation
  • coupled heat transfer

  thermal measurements and diagnostics

  • measurement of transport properties of materials
  • measurement of heat of combustion and enthalpy of phase transition
  • measurement of radiative properties
  • experiments with new measurement techniques
  • thermography

heat transfer in complex media

  • porous media
  • multiphase
  • thermal insulations
  • human body and tissue
  • composite materials

  energy storage and heat management systems

  • heat dissipation
  • chemical energy storage
  • temperature stabilization in buildings
  • phase change materials

  application of numerical methods in thermodynamics, heat transfer and power engineering

  • analytical and numerical modeling of complex heat and mass transfer
  • numerical modeling of radiation
  • modeling of power systems
  • data analysis, optimization and inverse problems
  • application of in-house, open and commercial codes

  energy sources and conversion

  • renewable energy
  • unconventional energy sources
  • technologies of effective energy management