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Books and papers


1 Teodorczyk A.: Deflagration to detonation transition, chapter in Combustion Phenomena, J.Jarosinski & B.Veyssiere Eds. CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, 2009
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Papers in journals

No. Paper Year
1 Teodorczyk A., Drobniak P., Dabkowski A.: Fast turbulent deflagration and DDT of hydrogen-air mixtures In small obstructed Chanel, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 34 (2009) 5887-5893 2009
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5 P.Jaworski, P.Priesching, A.Teodorczyk, W.Bandel: Validation of the Numerical Simulation of ISO-Octane Auto-Ignition Delay Time in Rapie Compression Machine with the use of ECFM-3Z (Extended Coherent Flame Model – 3 Zones) Combustion Model against Experimental Data, Archivum Combustionis, Vol.30 (2010), no.1-2, pp.1-14 2010
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14 Gieras M.: Studies on Process of Dust Explosion Suppression by Water Spray,  Archivum Combustionis, vol. 31, no 1-2, 2011, pp. 63-77  
15 Jaworski P., Teodorczyk A.: Numerical investigation of stretch effect for n-heptane/air mixture combustion process in constant volume chamber with the use of gradient method combustion model in LES, Journal of Power Technologies 91 (2011) no. 3 2011
16 Teodorczyk A., Porowski R.: Cellular Structure of Detonation Wave in Hydrogen-Methane-Air Mixtures, Journal of Power Technologies 91 (2011) no. 3 2011
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48 Mężyk Ł., Kobiera A., Boruc Ł.: Resistojet Thruster with a Power System Based on Supercapacitors, Challenges of Modern Technology, vol. 5, no 3, 2014 2014

International research projects

No. Project Years
1 HYSAFE – Safety of Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier, Network of Excellence, 6FP EU 2004-2008
2 ECO-Engines – Energy Conversion in Engines, Network of Excellence, 6FP EU 2004-2006
3 Experiments on turbulent combustion of hydrogen-air mixtures and possible DDT in a confined channel, SHIMIZU Corp. Japan 2006
4 BEAUTY – Bio-Ethanol Engine for Advanced Urban Transport by Light Commercial Vehicle & Heavy Duty, 7FP EU 2009-2010
5 DETHYD – Detonations in Partially Confined Layers of Hydrogen-air mixtures, 7FP EU 2010-2011
6 GENFUEL - Addressing Fundamental Challenges in the Design of new generation fuel, FP7-PEOPLE 2013-2017