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Major expertise, patents, etc. In the last 5 years

  • 2015 - Development of design assumptions plant comprising heat recovery, air purification and the production of cold for the whole production process;
  • 2015 - Optimized processes for the recovery of heat from production processes to cold production;
  • 2015 - Development and implementation of test stands for production of cold with low temperature heat;
  • 2015 - Development and implementation of test system to purify the air with a specific composition;
  • 2015 - Optimized processes for the recovery of heat from production processes and cooling from waste heat;
  • 2015 - Analysis of the possibilities of using adsorption and absorption systems for production purposes cold air from the waste heat recovery processes taking place in the manufacturing plant;
  • 2015 - Designing a system of filtration and cleaning of heat exchangers with a diagnosis of the substance of sludge disposal;
  • 2014 - Testing the efficiency of the cooling and heating of air conditioning equipment.
  • 2014 - Comment on innovation "Heat pump high power"
  • 2013 - Exploring the concept of industrial heat pump for product and process innovation and the development of innovation evaluations.
  • 2013 - Performance analysis and calculations to develop a project to modernize the heating exchanger EC Wrotków Lublin.
  • 2013 - Performance audit ventilation and air conditioning systems for GUS building;
  • 2012 - Initial analysis of the technical possibilities of cooling the server using the land and use the heat emitted by the server room to heat buildings.
  • 2012 - Analysis of all issues relating to the modernization of air handling units of the National Library.
  • 2011 - Airport cooling-heating apparatus.
Prevoius years:
  • The showcase project;