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Nuclear Power Engineering

Responsible: Nikołaj Uzunow, PhD, Eng

Starting from February, 2013, the Nuclear Power Engineering specialization will be instructed only in English.

Nuclear Power Engineering is a II-degree (master) specialization, realised within 4 semesters in collaboration with the Faculty of Physics, WUT, and the National Centre for Nuclear Research.

A two-step admissions procedure is provided:

  • Polish students first have to register on the WUT "Kandydaci" web-site (marking "Power Engineering"), and next to send their documents to the Dean's office (with a remark "Nuclear Power Engineering");
  • foreign students first have to register on the web-site of the WUT International Students Office (marking "Power Engineering"), and next to send their documents to the WUT International Students Office (with a remark "Nuclear Power Engineering").

Candidates may apply before the summer, or before the winter semester - the studies may begin from the first, or from the second semester.

Collaboration with leading universities (KTH - Royal Institute of Technology,  Stockholm; TUD - Technische Universitaet Dresden;  Oregon State University; et al),

research institutes (NCBJ - National Centre for Nuclear Research; IChTJ - Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology; CEA - Commissariat a'lEnergie Atomique, France; HZDR - Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rosendorf; CERN - Organisation Europeene pour la Recherche Nucleaire, Geneve; et al),

and enterprises (PGE Energia Jądrowa; Areva; Westinghouse; General Electric - Hitachi; EDF; GDF-Suez; CEZ; et al).

Nuclear Power Engineering at WUT is the only specialization in Poland, within which exercises on reactor physics are held at the MARIA research reactor in NCBJ in Świerk, as well as at least two-month compulsory diploma internship at a nuclear installation - foreign (France, Germany, USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium) or national (NCBJ, IChTJ)!

Career opportunities:

  • company research and development departments;
  • universities and research centers - doctor studies/research projects;
  • state administration units (nuclear regulatory body, technical inspection);
  • branch companies - PGE, Enea, Tauron, EDF, GDF-Suez, RWE, Vattefall, Areva, General Electric, Westinghouse.

Specialisation programme:

Cat. no. Course name Dim ECTS
ML.ANK348 Computational Fluid Dynamics L2Lab1 3
ML.ANK487 Energy Policy and Law L2 2
ML.ANK415 Energy Transport L1E1 2
ML.ANK342 Finite Element Method L2Lab1 4
ML.ANK486 Math. Mod. and Pr. Identification L2E1 4
ML.ANK347 Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer L2Lab1 3
ML.ANK481 Partial Differential Equations L2E1 5
ML.ANS664 Elements of Nuclear Physics L2E1Lab1 4
  Legal Frames for Nuclear Power Industry L1 1
Sem. I 28
ML.ANK371 Business Law L2E1 2
ML.ANK385 Neural Networks L2 3
ML.ANW132 Physics 2 L2 3
ML.ANS599 Stat. and Noneq. Thermodynamics L2 2
ML.ANS666 Nuclear Reactor Physics L2E1Lab2 6
ML.ANS667 Contemporary Nuclear Reactor Systems (LWR, HWR) L3 4
ML.ANS671 Nuclear Reactor Modelling and Simulation L2E1Lab2 6
ML.ANS673 Nuclear Fuels and Fuel Cycles L2 2
Sem. II 28
ML.ANK382 Engineering Project   3
ML.ANK491 Intermediate Masters Project   6
ML.ANS559 Information Systems in Management L2 2
ML.ANK445 Project Management L2 2
  Nuclear Instrumentation and Control L2Lab2 4
ML.ANS675 NPP Safety L2E1 3
ML.ANS676 NPP Operation and Maintenance L2 2
ML.ANS670 GenIV Nuclear Reactor Systems (HTR, FBR) L2 2
  Thermonuclear synthesis L2 2
ML.ANS688 Nuclear Energy and International Security L1Lab1 2
Sem. III 28
ML.ANS678 Internship at a Nuclear Installation   8
ML.ANW138 Master Diploma Seminar   2
ML.ANW137 Master Diploma Thesis   20
Sem. IV 30

Dim – weekly number of hours. L – Lecture; E –Seminars  Lab – Lab. exercises