IHE / Employees / Researchers and Lecturers / Lipka Janusz

Janusz Lipka, MSc El. Eng.

Membership in professional bodies:

Vice President and Treasurer of the Warsaw branch of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers

Key research:

  • Complex redevelopment of public buildings in terms of reducing energy use

Teaching courses:

  • Lab. Electrical Engineering - ML.NK317
  • Lab. Electronics - NK316 3
  • Lab. Electric Machines - NK442
  • Lab. Smart Grids 
  • Recitation classes on electrical engineering- NW113
  • Lab. Electrical Engineering (extramural studies) - ML.ZNW113
  • Recitation classes on electrical engineering (extramural studies) - ML.ZNW 113


Proposed subjects of a diploma thesis


  • Economical use of energy – instantenous reactive power compensation
  • Modernization of lab stations in the Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  • Developing teaching aids for the Smart Grids Laboratory 
  • Testing of electrical systems in the Electrical Engineering Laboratory

 Most important publications in last years:

  • Bielecki S., Lipka J., Palimąka T., Skoczkowski T., Szymczyk J.: "Rozwiązania inteligentnego budynku w rewitalizacji budynków użyteczności publicznej. Krok ku poprawie efektywności energetycznej." Elektro.Info nr 6(115) 2013r., s.66-71
  • Oficyna wydawnicza PW 2011 wyd.II "Laboratorium Elektrotechniki dla mechaników"
  • Tomborowski T.,Lipka J.,Reszko, „Budynki inteligentne w aspekcie techniczno-ekonomicznym”
  • Tomborowski T.,Lipka J. ”Napędy zmiennoobrotowe pomp dużych mocy”

Administrative positions:

  • Tutor of the first-year students 
  • Head of the Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  • Head of the Electric Machines Laboratory
  • Head of the Integrated Laboratory for Automatics and Robotics


  • First-degree Award of the HM Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology for scientific achievements in the academic year 2013/2104
  • Medal for Long-time Service awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland (2012)
  • SEP Silver Honorary Decoration
  • Award of the HM Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology for didactic activity (2004)
  • From the first edition of the „Golden Chalk” competition onwards the winner in the categories:
     - the best academic teacher (hands-on-lab, projects, seminars)
     - the best "Student Friendly" academic teacher.